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Getting Tailwind CSS and Svelte working together

Following my last post I had to do some further work to get a Svelte and Tailwind CSS development environment up and running. I used this post (and its comments) as a guide:

To process the CSS when running the dev server, an additional npm package was required. I also forgot to install the prettier code formatter so I grabbed that too:

npm i npm-run-all prettier prettier-plugin-svelte --save-dev
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The following scripts then needed to be added to package.json to enable reloading to occur properly when running npm run dev:

"scripts": {
  "autobuild": "rollup -c -w",
  "watch:tailwind": "postcss public/tailwind.css -o public/index.css -w",
  "dev": "run-p autobuild watch:tailwind"
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This is just another reminder for myself to eventually gather all the steps in one place. Check out the post above for more guidance about the setup.

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