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GitHub is now free for teams

GitHub CEO, Nat Friedman, announced earlier today that GitHub is now free for teams.

Until now, if your organization wanted to use GitHub for private development, you had to subscribe to one of our paid plans. But every developer on earth should have access to GitHub. Price shouldn’t be a barrier.

How will they make money? They'll continue to provide Enterprise features:

Teams who need advanced features (like code owners), enterprise features (like SAML), or personalized support can upgrade to one of our paid plans.

You can read the full post for more details.

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Jess Lee


The announcement doesn't share more info on the Actions portions of all this. I think it's a smart business model shift to focus on usage (like actions) than membership.

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Ben Halpern

Yeah, lowers the barrier to exist within the ecosystem, which I'm sure fits Microsoft's overall goals, and bring folks one step closer to the products they can probably charge a lot more of because they scale up more fluidly than seats etc.

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Greg Hausheer • Edited

Win for hackers, a loss for Github / Microsoft. Or is their intent to have it be a "loss leader" for the market? Either way - feeling:


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Harsh Shandilya

GitHub said that as their Enterprise customer base is growing they'll be using the income from there to make things cheaper and/or free for users. They're not going in loss, they're just gathering income from larger organisations.

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Michiel Hendriks • Edited

I think in the private world gitlab is market leader. They offered private hosted repos for quite a long time. And you can also self host it. The made adoption of gitlab much more attractive.
For open source projects GitHub is clearly the bigger one.
Getting feature parity between GitHub and gitlab is good for competition. But it would be better if there were other big players. I don't get the idea Atlassian is really into it with BitBucket.

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Mohammed Asker

This is great news to hear! Now if I want to create a stealth startup, I can bring a team into the project without having them sign up an account in GitLab.

I know GitLab already has these features for a long time, but the only downside is not many developers are using GitLab when compared to GitHub.

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Pan Chasinga

This is a really great approach! What I'd been missing from Github.

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Daniil Maslov


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Marko Shiva

Yeah I saw it its great thing :)

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Kirill Kliavin

it's from 2020