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RASA - Rasa X

Rasa X is a tool for Conversation-Driven Development (CDD), the process of listening to your users and using those insights to improve your AI assistant.


Make sure you have your python virtual environment activated (source venv/bin/activate).
To install Rasa X locally, run the following in your project root:

pip install rasa-x --extra-index-url
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Update the requirements.txt after the installation.

pip freeze > requirements.txt
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You can learn more about installing Rasa X in the documentation.

Starting the server

Start the server by running rasa x.
This will open a browser tab on http://localhost:5002 with Rasa X GUI.

Rasa X

Capabilities of Rasa X

  • You can talk to your chatbot. While you are talking, a story and test story is being generated for you. You can also observe what intents have been recognized, with what accuracy, what is the current active_loop, which slot is being filled in etc. You can save the generated story. This is much more convenient than writing the story yourself.
  • You can see and review past conversations.
  • You can tag and filter past conversations.
  • You can correct chatbot's decisions.
  • You can edit all the files we have been working with so far.
  • There's so much more Rasa X is capable of! I encourage you to launch the server and start discovering by yourself.

You can learn more about Rasa X in the documentation.

You can read more about Conversation-Driven Development on Rasa blog or in The CDD Playbook

In the next chapter, we will look at categorical slots.

Repository for this tutorial:

You can checkout the state of the repository at the end of this tutorial by running:

git clone --branch 08-rasa-x
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