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Pete Hawkins
Pete Hawkins

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Screencast: Add welcome emails to Happi

This is the first video in a series where I build in public, literally, by screencasting developing new features or improvements. The tech stack is Rails, Hotwire and RSpec among many other great open source libraries.

In this video, I show adding welcome emails to be sent out when teams are created, whilst adding tests to make sure it all works.

Apologies my voice is fading a little toward the end!

If you want to check out the product itself it’s at and at the time of this video we have a free plan to let you get setup and test it out.

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Akshay Khot

Nice application, the UI looks fantastic! Are you using Tailwind, by any chance?

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Pete Hawkins

Thanks, hah yes, I am using Tailwind CSS and bits of Tailwind UI too.

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Looks great, thanks!