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Why you should consider joining Cubbit

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We are looking for new developers to join us, here is the link to the careers' page.

But if you want to learn more, from an internal developer, keep reading; and you will find how deep is the rabbit's hole.

Rabbit's hole

Cubbit, who?

Started a few years ago from the genius mind of our CTO and his co-founders, Cubbit aims to be the next-gen of cloud computing as it should have always been: distributed, green and private by design.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sell you anything, we already have folks for that and they do a much better job than me, really.

I'm here to tell you my experience among these amazing guys, how we work day by day with cutting edge technologies and shape the future of cloud together.

Off topic: the video below is amazing!

Why should you listen to me?

Well, you don't have to indeed. Feel free to close this article now.

I'm just another enthusiast developer who's trying to sell his job position as the best one ever, right?


Indeed, I'm not sure that a lot of you could resist a single day with our rhythm and standards in fact of code and tech quality (this is provocative on purpose).

If you don't trust me, go and check it yourself here.

Again: I'm not selling you anything, just showing you the truth.

But is it worth it?

Yes, it is worth every single hour spent on brainstorming with my colleagues, worth every single problem we faced, worth every line of code we wrote.

Cubbit is a company that makes Technology as its product, not really common, and makes it aiming for excellence, every day, by every 🐝 in the Swarm.

My journey

I joined Cubbit in late 2019 but I knew the brilliant minds behind the scenes way long before.

My first day of work was on October 14, 2019; since that, time flew with an incredible speed as we worked on a lot of different faces of our products and delivered the best value possible to all our bakers and users.

9 months have passed and there wasn't a single moment of boredom: code to write, code to review, brainstorming to do, moments of team building, interns and juniors to work with and a lot of technology to learn, EVERY SINGLE DAY.


Sadly, in March 2020 a huge pandemic hit all around the world and you know that Italy was one of the most affected countries.

You know what changed drastically since that moment? Nothing.

Cubbit had the strength to react to this bad boy by allowing remote work for everybody, as many other companies did, and our productivity dropped little to nothing.

Our team is strong and passionate, who better than us knows that together we are stronger?

Just like bees 🐝

Now it's your turn πŸ‘‡

As I said before, we are searching for new developers to join us to get bigger and even stronger, always together!

Feel free to ask me anything you want, here in the comments or by direct messages on LinkedIn.

We have open positions in the careers' page of our site or on LinkedIn itself.

If you are a really lazy person (not cool) here are our job descriptions for both fullstack and frontend.

You can send your CV and/or your portfolio at

Thank you πŸ™

If you still aren't considering joining us, I want to thank you anyway for reading my article: this means a lot to us!

As my last wish, let me ask you to leave a πŸ¦„ so that this article can be spread as much as possible!

See you in the Swarm, bye! 🐝

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Mark Avis

Are you for real?. I was an early investor with Cubbit, and bought into some sort of online hard drive device which is really totally useless to me now, and just wasting energy from the power grid. It's going to become a bookend from today!. Seems I've been 'bitten' by the swarm.