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πŸ“¦ Introducing (beta) - find similar packages on npm

Web developers, you probably use NPM everyday at work, but do you know how many packages are on NPM? (Hint: it is the biggest software registry in the world)

. . .

Got a number?

Today, NPM hosts about 1.8M packages. To put it in perspective, the second biggest registry is PyPI (Python Package Index) at about 350K packages. (Source:

Thats a lotta packages

With so many packages to choose from, no wonder we have a saying called β€œJavaScript Fatigue”.

There are many ways we can improve this situation, and we will probably need all of them. But today, I would like to introduce you to… (beta) πŸŽ‰ homepage

Summary: (beta) suggests you a list of similar packages based on a npm package you search.

Example: if you search moment, will suggest you similar packages like dayjs, date-fns and more.

Screenshot of search results of jest:
similar packages for jest

Important Notes

  • This project is still in its early and experimental stage, all features are likely to change in the future as more improvements will be made gradually

  • You will not find every package from npm on For example, @types/ packages are excluded.

  • Any feedbacks are welcome, leave a comment below or DM on

If you find the project useful, please share it with whoever might find it helpful too! 🌟
And give it a follow on Twitter, it would really help the project grow! πŸͺ΄

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Seems to be a great project. I am looking for ideas how to manage my own similar package ecosystem which can be installed using If you have and opinion or suggestion it would be highly appreciated as it seems to be in your expertise realm.


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your project looks great too, I love using zsh and zi is like a replacement for oh-my-zsh?

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Sall • Edited

Supports loading Oh My Zsh and Prezto plugins and libraries, however, the implementation isn't framework-specific and doesn't bloat the plugin manager with such code. So you can use almost any framework or own repos. You can create your own plugin simply by running: zi create. Also allow to install RubyGems, Node modules, Rust packages.

More info:
New wiki soon:

Feel free to contact in GitHub discussions or etc., as my target to create healthy and productive community :)