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📦 Top alternatives for "colors" and "faker"

For those out of the loop, there are recently some drama about the NPM packages colors and faker, and here are some articles reporting about it:

This blog is not to criticise on what happened, but to offer some help for developers who are interested in alternatives for colors and faker.

Top alternatives for colors


Terminal string styling done right (131M weekly downloads) (17k stars)


Easily set your terminal text color & styles. (16.9M weekly downloads) (1.4k stars)


The fastest Node.js library for formatting terminal text with ANSI colors~! (11.8M weekly downloads) (1.3k stars)

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Top alternatives for faker


Chance - Utility library to generate anything random (589.3k weekly downloads) (5.8k stars)


Fake data generator (57k weekly downloads) (2.8k stars)

typeorm-seeding (useful if you use typeorm)

A delightful way to seed test data into your database (35k weekly downloads) (700 stars)

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psst: (beta) finds similar packages on NPM for you! check it out, go search moment, request and more 🚀

Do you know any good alternatives for colors or faker to suggest to the community? Leave a comment below!

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shinigami92 profile image

Why use an alternative to faker.js when you just can use the new home?: | npm add -D @faker-js/faker

And about colors.js, Microsoft thinks about to include it in NodeJS natively

pkgland profile image 📦

Hi, didn't knew about the new repository thanks for sharing! This article is to offer options to develops who need it and the final decision is still down to them.

shinigami92 profile image

absolutely understandable 🙂

The good stuff about the new home is that it is full compatible with the old one
We even re-published ALL previous versions!
So if you have e.g. already a project with hundreds of usages of faker, it's an easy swap in-out.