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Sergio Garcia Moratilla for Playtomic

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Flux vs ArgoCD

Hey there!

Do you have any war stories about Flux or ArgoCD? Anytime they failed miserably? Did you have to fix manually your cluster? We want to hear those stories!

 Why do we ask?

We are exploring this GitOps trend at Playtomic. We have two k8s clusters running using Flux and ArgoCD. We have a multi-tenancy setup, that is, one repo for the cluster itself, one repo for every application we deploy in the cluster. Flux and ArgoCD image updaters are in place.

To be honest, both are pretty similar and any of them would work for us. If you search for comparisons between Flux and ArgoCD, you will only get a few of boring list of features. So... we are looking for first hand experiences.

Why did you choose one over the other? Did you have the chance to try the other one?

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Wojtek Cichoń • Edited

Hi Sergio - I'm a bit biased (and these might be just comparison articles that you want to ommit) but you can start from the Awesome Argo list on GitHub and go through the following comparison articles 👇