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Weather data providers: which one?

Sergio Garcia Moratilla
・1 min read

We are planning to provide our users with weather forecast before they book at Playtomic.

To do that, we need a weather data provider O:) We have looked into these 3 (probably the most known):

Pricing is not an issue right now. We intent to cache our queries. What I'm worried about is data accuracy.

Any experience that you would like to share? It would be really appreciated!

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Dwayne Charrington

If money isn't an issue, Accu Weather is a solid choice. I've primarily worked with Open Weather Map for my own stuff because of the generous free limits, and the data seems fine for that aw well. I know in terms of size, Accu is one of the largest.

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Sergio Garcia Moratilla Author

Thank Dwayne!

I think the major difference is the granularity of the forecast (that is, whether the points are hourly or daily in a period of time).