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Top 4 Hospital Management Systems in JavaScript to Consider

In this article, we talk about hospital management system apps and templates. This kind of software is designed for automating clinical workflow and providing effective patient care. It allows handling health-related data, including clinical, laboratory, insurance, and financial records.

We’ve gathered 4 examples of hospital management systems written in JavaScript. Nevertheless, we’d love to see more solutions you may share in the comments below.

DHTMLX demo app for hospital management


DHTMLX provides a user-friendly hospital management demo app based on several highly customizable JavaScript widgets from the Suite UI library. It can be integrated into an existing project to ensure effective coordination between medical staff.

The template provides 2 modules that users can switch between with a tab bar. The first module allows working with patient information to provide quality medical care. All the essential data is displayed in a nested list by which hospital personnel can manage bed allocation, monitor patient vitals, and edit patient records.

In order to add a patient record, hospital staff can fill a patient registration form. It combines multiple controls, such as input fields, radio buttons, combo boxes, and date pickers, that are arranged in 5 groups:

  • personal information

  • communication details

  • emergency contact

  • insurance information

  • patient allocation.

Therefore, users can create an extensive patient record as well as assign an attending physician, room, and bed for stay. Having added numerous patients, hospital personnel can easily find a required record using a filter bar.


The second module contains a medical hierarchy chart built with the DHTMLX JavaScript diagram library. Each shape displays a hospital staff photo, name, position, and contact information. Users may expand or collapse the org chart branches and search for a specialist via the filter bar.

Being developed with the Suite JavaScrip UI widgets library, this demo app supports wide configuration and customization options. You can improve its functionality by setting drag-n-drop, inline editing, multiselection of items, exporting to Excel, and dynamiс loading, as well as attaching any other DHTMLX components or custom HTML content.

Hospital management system with ReactJS


This HMS app is written with React JS and Firebase. It includes 10 key modules that an admin can navigate via a sidebar. The main dashboard page allows monitoring the number of hospital personnel and patients admitted during the current year. Besides, it includes several cards displaying the number of records collected by each hospital system section.

The other 7 modules are responsible for patients and hospital staff (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab workers, receptionists, and accountants) management. The admin can add records by manually filling the form, entering personal information, contact details, and uploading a photo. Each record can be updated and deleted.

The hospital management module allows allocating patients to available beds and assigning a caretaker. It also provides information about medicine prescriptions, blood supplies, scheduled surgeries and their status, birth, and death reports.


The last module focuses on payments management. On the payroll page, the admin may add, update, and delete payment details, as well as generate a payment receipt to a hospital employee.

MedicApp hospital admin template


MedicApp is a JavaScript/HTML5 template based on Bootstrap 4 grid. It includes 6 modules to manage hospital workflow, collect patient information, and handle invoices.

The hospital dashboard module is built with interactive charts and a list of recent doctor appointments, thus allowing users to quickly access all necessary information within a single look. Five other modules are accountable for appointment, patient, doctor, department, and payment management. Users can add new records, specify personal and contact info, attach social network accounts, and upload profile photos.


With MedicApp, admins can create patient and hospital staff profiles. In addition to name and contact data, such pages contain an events timeline displaying staff day-to-day activities and a chart with a number of medical visits.

MedicApp allows receiving notifications, use searching and profile settings. The template provides vertical and horizontal layouts. Besides, users can change the color of a sidebar and toolbar by switching between light and dark modes.

ProClinic hospital admin template


ProClinic hospital management solution is built with JavaScript, HTML5, and Bootstrap 4 framework. The template covers patient, doctor, appointment management and room allocation. Moreover, it allows working with payments.

The admin dashboard allows hospital staff to track doctor appointments, their status, and the number of patients per year with the help of charts. Users can also check doctors’ availability by searching their name and specialty in the corresponding table.


The other 5 modules display hospital data in grid tables. Users can add new records, edit or delete existing data and export it to CSV, PDF, and Excel. Each column allows sorting records in alphabetical order or according to their status.

ProClinic includes horizontal and vertical views, the latter of which provides RTL support. Users can receive notifications, use search, change account settings, and choose between 5 color themes to tailor their experience.

Have you anything to add? Let’s discuss other JS-based hospital management systems below!

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Victoria Mostova

Thank you for sharing your list of the top 4 hospital management systems in JavaScript. It's always helpful to have a curated selection of solutions to consider. If you could also provide insights on how to develop hospital management system using JavaScript, it would be a valuable addition for developers looking to create custom solutions in this domain.

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Yuri Filatov

great article!

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Pavel Lazarev

Thank you! :)