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What Do You Do for a Living Anyway?

I get asked this question a lot. My friends and family barely understand what I do, and my title Technical Marketing Manager doesn’t help at all. So I’ll try to explain it.

TL;DR: My job is awesome. I build cool stuff, talk with amazing people, and have fun. If you want to join me, click here and let’s talk

In 2002, I went from being a Network Administrator/IT person to a developer. With a background in administration, I would take on those duties with most jobs I had. So for around 18 years my job description was "write software and keep systems running."

Devrel at Pluralsight

When asked, "what do you do for a living?"

My answer was "I write software for ____" or "I lead a team that writes software for _____"

It was easy to explain. Simple to understand. Most non-technical people could grasp it and move the conversation to another topic.

My current role is not so easy to describe. But it’s certainly more interesting.

Pluralsight: Customer to Author to Employee

DevRel at Pluralsight

I discovered Pluralsight in 2012 when I was an Engineer looking for ways to "sharpen my axe" and get better at my job. I fell in love with the platform. The first course I took was by the late, great Scott Allen. He broke things down in a clear and understandable way. It inspired me immediately.

I’d always loved teaching those around me, but I never pictured myself as an "instructor" until that point. I’d always imagined the loud, egotistical, showboat professor types and never identified with that. Scott’s relaxed, ego-free method of delivery showed there was room for someone like me in this space. Years later, I shared this with him over lunch. He’ll always be one of my heroes.

DevRel at Pluralsight

In 2016 I auditioned to be a Pluralsight author and was accepted. My first course experience was rough, but I got through it and enjoyed it. I particularly enjoyed working with Pluralsight. They treated me very well, and the people were great to work with. So when an opportunity came up at Pluralsight as a Technical Marketing Manager, I was stoked.

Imagine interviewing with a company where you had four years of exposure to the company, culture, and people. I already had an excellent preview. If it were any other company, it’s unlikely I would have accepted walking away from day-to-day coding. It was risky, but it was the best move of my career.

Technical Marketing Manager

My job when I started was much different than it is now. What it has evolved into is a mission-driven position that is fun, motivating, and fulfilling.

DevRel at Pluralsight

Every day I get to:

  • Host a podcast
  • Build instructional / fun videos
  • Present new tech at conferences and meetups
  • Write articles
  • Build presentations
  • Give input to marketing materials
  • Speak with brilliant, passionate leaders

Here’s my core mission:

  • Share what I’ve learned in 18 years of development
  • Demystify new technology and present it in a way that makes sense
  • Speak with others who share their wisdom and knowledge

And the "North Star":

  • Help technologists get better at their job

DevRel at Pluralsight

That’s what Pluralsight is all about. We make sure that anyone coming to Pluralsight looking for help to improve their skills will succeed. They will get relevant, accurate information and a path to success. Which is part of what makes this job so fun. The "ace in the hole" is knowing I'm helping promote the most solid toolset for engineers in the world.

I work with smart, talented, and passionate people. I get to talk tech with people every day, some who I’m teaching and some are teaching me. I also get to work with some of the most renowned leaders in technology.

Our Team is Expanding

DevRel at Pluralsight

We’re looking for another "Developer Evangelist" to join the team. Someone who is passionate about technology, teaching, and the tech community. We are looking for someone who wants to create great learner content. Someone who loves learning new things and makes sure hears about it. Someone who wants to engage with leaders and add to the body of knowledge in tech.

If you:

  • Love to write and speak about your work
  • Get excited about connecting with the dev community
  • Are passionate about learning and continuous improvement

Then we want to hear from you. Full Description Here. Go ahead and SMASH THAT APPLY BUTTON!!

You can ask me anything or apply for the position. I’d love to hear from you.

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Reaper • Edited

3 years in,
Work for a company but my dream job would be building products I'd like to build without the pressure of a deadline.
I mean, I still love coding so that's not going anywhere. As for how I explain it right now.
"I'm an artist that uses code as a brush"
I'm kidding,
"I build stuff that I think about and it mostly involves code, sometimes involves dealing with wires and boards but mostly code"

cairnswm profile image
William Cairns

I am a (very experienced = 30 years as a dev) developer. I explain my job as "I do the two things I love mosy, write code and teach others to love writing code"