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Introducing the "Breaking Changes" Podcast with Kin Lane

Hi everyone!

The holiday season is right around the corner. ✨✨✨

What could be better than warm pajamas, a nice hot cup of chocolate ☕, and podcasts🎙️?

Whether you’re lying on the sofa 🛋️ or going on a long road trip 🚘 or you've got the middle seat on a cross-country flight ✈️ 💺,we have something in store for you.

Breaking Changes covers the things you need to know about the industry, the business, and the technology that powers an API-first world.

Each week on Breaking Changes, Postman Chief Evangelist Kin Lane hosts stellar guests from all across the API universe to discuss, debate, and solve the latest issues and topics around APIs.

In each episode of Breaking Changes, you'll:

  • Get insights into the latest happenings in the API industry
  • Learn from the experiences and API journeys of practitioners and organizations
  • Discover new ways to think about API design, architecture, strategy, and developer experience

Ever more exciting news. We have introduced a new segment called Breaking Changes tl;dr, where we deviate from our normal weekly interview to focus on a specific topic, providing bite-size episodes for busy professionals like you to tune into.

The series will cover a diverse range of topics from across the world of APIs, breaking things down in ways that make APIs more accessible to a wider audience.

You can listen to every Breaking Changes episodes on these podcast platforms:

Upcoming tl;dr episodes:

  • tl;dr 1: “The COVID Tracking Project API” with Julia Kodysh
  • tl;dr 2: “ACCESS Act of 2021, Part 1” with Keir Lamont
  • tl;dr 3: “ACCESS Act of 2021, Part 2” with Mark Nottingham
  • tl;dr 4 - “Idempotency Header - Paypal” with Jayadeba Jena and Sanjay Dalal
  • tl;dr 5 - “Level 3 REST” with Matt Bishop
  • tl;dr 6 - “OAuth, OpenID, and FAPI” with Torsten Lodderstedt

So bring your API enthusiasm, and join us on the next Breaking Changes. Subscribe to the show and we'll notify you about upcoming episodes.

PS: We’re new here and excited to be part of the community.

Hit ⭐️ or show ❤️ if you like an episode and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Jan Schenk (he/him)

Nice to finally see the Breaking Changes podcast on!