Eclipse vs Netbeans vs VSCode - Which one do you use for coding?

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They are all great IDEs and Java coders are eccentric about their choices when it comes to IDEs. I haven't touched eclipse and netbeans since many years, have they gotten better or worse these days 😄?

For full time, I use a very old and woebegone editor called Notepad++ for almost everything but mostly HTML/CSS/JS because that's what I do most of the time. People try to convince me on VSCode every now and then but I'm far too habitual to NPP, maybe I'll attempt to make that switch some day😉.


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Thanks a lot, that did the trick! I think it may have something to do with the overwhelming number of percentages (%) in the original link.


That could definitely be the case. And no problem!


For Java you should definitely give Intellij IDEA a try. The inspections and refactoring features are just so far ahead of the next best thing (Eclipse).

Some people don't know that the community edition of Intellij is free and open source.


Vscode for me it's the best editor I've used.. if you re an angular dev or even a Typescript lover... You should use that.


With VSCode, doesn't the electron performance bother you especially with too many files open and with multiple extensions installed?


But, what's the point of having multiple extensions? Plus, i think we're comparing both in their default state (fresh installation).


I used Eclipse in my first job with Coldfusion and then Eclipse PTD for php.
Netbeans i used when i was doing some java stuff with installAnywhere.
Im using VScode now days.


I use Intellij and Emacs. Emacs has a steep learning curve and a lot of initial setup to get it how you like. Intellij, however, is amazing in my opinion.

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