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How to plan a Web app project from start to production ?

prakadalpha profile image PrakadAlpha ・1 min read

How to plan a Web app project from start to production ?

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Brandin Chiu

Start by identifying your applications key goals. If you're going to monetize the solution, prioritize and highlight the features that drive your value proposition.

Next, determine scope, and identify possible failure points for scaling. Does your application require users to register? What happens when you have 100 users? What about 100,000?

Now that you have your most important features, and have identified how your application must scale, you can actually start making decisions about your stack. How you choose this part is really not as important as it seems. The business logic can always be ported later if your stack doesn't work out. Instead, focus on these concerns:

  • do I have experience working with these tools?
  • will I need help? If so, how much?
  • are these technologies mature? What will the landscape look like in two years? Will my development timeline reach past the lifetime of this tool?

With all of the above questions answered you can look at your options.

Databases: relational or nosql or serverless?

Front End: classic HTML + css or one-page app? Web components or no?

Back End: do I even need one? Is a virtual backend like Firebase or cloud offerings enough? What language?

Hosting: am I building Microservices pattern or classic monolith? VMs or containers?

Then, you just start building! Honestly, the questions are the most important part. Armed with those answers, the stack can change as needed if things don't work out.