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Best Top developer Community Every Developer Should Visit

Usually you will find website and developer community and these community will help building a website and helpfull developers making better website or app.

There are lots of community on the internet, Developers are such a quirky bunch that no ordinary website will do, so i have put together this collection of must-visit websites that cater to developer needs to stay on top of the latest in tech news, network and discuss projects and troubleshooting with your peers, sites for beginners to master programming, and of course a few fun sites to visit when you need a break from your latest development project.


It is one the best best guidance developers, Over a million developers belong to DZone, making it a prominent programming news hub for today’s programming professionals and developers. Covering everything from agile to the cloud, devops, big data, integration, performance, and more, DZone is a valuable source for the latest insights from every corner of the industry.

Stack Exchange

StackExchange is the platform that brings you StackOverflow (which also happens to be StackExchange’s largest community in the technology category), but it’s also home to a variety of other communities of interest to programmers and developers.


No list of websites for developers is complete without a mention of GitHub, one of the most widely used code repositories with projects ranging the full spectrum from the open-source to private collaborations.


Site point is learning website here you can learn anything form this website.

Reddit Programming

It is Reddit for developers! Reddit is the go-to community for discussing the latest development trends, tech news, and everything else on the busy developer’s mind.


A huge interactive source about all the latest blog posts and news stories related to technology and coding, SlashDot was created in 1997 by Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda but today is owned by BIZX, LLC.


Bitbucket offers unlimited public and private repositories, and it’s free for individuals as well as organizations with five or fewer users. For larger groups, pricing is more than reasonable. is a super for developers here lots of developers write there interesting topics and Where programmers share ideas and help each other grow.

I hope this article is helpfull for developer purpose.

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jun xia

Am I really old now? CodeProject is not a popular site....

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Julia Flash

Wait, no it totally is a popular site with good safeguards for protecting against product placement.

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Arsen Ibragimov

Thank you for the article, Prathap!

afabbricino profile image

Thankyou .. very helpful list