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9 Tips For Creating Product Video

For businesses selling products or services, product video remains as the bridge between business and customers. Video about product description in the website have increased sales conversion rate above 75%. Product video with engaging content in the website attracts the audience rather than images and text descriptions about the product or service.

Having video on the website will increase user engagement to the website. It is noted that user engagement is 60 % higher for videos when compared to images. Businesses can also use video as a marketing tool to drive traffic to the website by sharing it on other sites. You can easily make series of professional product videos with a limited budget. Here are some tips for creating a product video.

1. Content is King

Well-written content is the foundation upon which your video is built. Content should be written in such a way that the first time visitor who sees the video must understand about your product or service. Before starting off with your product video, aim to answer these questions :

  • What is your product or service?
  • What solution does it give for the customer’s problem?
  • The benefit of using your product
  • How does it enhance the customers’ lives?
  • Who is your target audience?

2. Product Video must be Short and Simple.

If the video is much longer then people will not be interested in watching videos so the video must be shorter, maybe 2 or 3 minutes where you can give an overview of the product. The main purpose is to keep your user engaged to make him push to the next step to take the desired action.
The video should be simple as well as it should only focus on certain things.

  • Problem it addresses
  • Solution it solves
  • Brief description about the product
  • Call to action to make what customers to do next

3. Tell about the Benefits and add Professional voices and music.

It’s always better to tell the benefits of using your products rather than the features of the products and all other technical aspects. For customers, it’s always the benefits that matter the most. Tell them how your product or service is going to make their lives better.

Audio also plays a major role in creating videos. If the audio is not good, then the whole video fails. The audio delivery should be professional so that considering a voice expert could also be a good idea. Adding some mild background music does wonder sometimes it invokes emotions to be in flow with the video.

4. Brief Explanation of Product or Service

Make sure to give a clear explanation of your product in a short period, so this urges the user to buy the product. For example
Demo videos like someone using the product. Explainer videos where professionals explain how the products work. The tutorial video is like an instructive video with step by step process to know how to use the product

5. Choosing Video Platforms

Video is the first impression created among customers about your product or service, so the video has to be customized and clear cut to attract customers to buy your product. It is better to choose a video streaming platform provider that builds an independent video platform for businesses that comes up with additional features to help grow a business with videos. Embed the video onto your website as it should be the face of your website

6. Market the Product to the People

Taking your product to the people also remains the main part as you share the video on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and youtube to reach more people. When people are looking for a product, they look into the product and the person using it. People want to know how the product has helped existing users. So when creating testimonials, it is necessary to have current customers talking about the product. Statistics say that businesses running for some social cause like upliftment in the lives of society, donating the part of income to social communities have seen improvement in their profits. This is because people love to buy the product from businesses that do social activities.

7. Add subtitles to your video

Adding subtitles to your video literally increases engagement as many users watch a video on mute when they are travelling or at public places. Statistics state that 90% of people watch videos in mute and it is also very helpful for deaf people to watch videos reading subtitles. Making videos with subtitles will have a broader reach.

8. Add Titles And Thumbnails

Adding Title to the video will make the user know what is in this video? Adding a thumbnail to your video is the most important thing as a thumbnail is the first thing that the user notices. Making a thumbnail that is informative and attractive will strike an interest in users to watch the video. Thumbnail increases user engagement by over 150%

9. Add a Call to Action Button and be in touch with a potential customer.

Always add a call to action button in the video to make what the customer needs to do next. You direct them to sign up for a newsletter or pre-order your product and also add the contact us option so that they might get in touch with you and finally creating videos is to make a conversation with them.


These tips will push you on the right path and will help you in delivering the real videos that result in immeasurable results. To make an interesting product video, try to be creative. Try to showcase the unique selling point of your product. Most people just want to know the top benefits of your product and how to buy it. It is also better to choose a video platform for hosting video too.

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Product video with engaging content in the website will make people to know about your service or product clearly . Product video gives you the complete descrption about your product thanks for 7 tips to create product video

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Thanks @hermoniversa

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Creating product videos can feel daunting. So the above tips are Really very helpful for me as I came to know about the importance of adding video to my website

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Thank you @arya00123

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Great work to describe how to create product video

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Thank you @krithiga

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RAshmi 29

This article about 9 Tips For Creating Product Video is really good. Very nice concepts about creating product video. Keep on posting.

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This blog will give some idea to fitness people how to start fitness classes online to create some online presence as many people nowadays do home workout watching videos

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Padma Priya M

Thank you !!! I got quite a lot of information about creating Product video for my product.

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This blog shows the importance of adding product video to the site as it keeps website visitors engaged.