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Cosmic burden behind "The Title-Winning of my 1st hackathon👩🏻‍💻"

Hey there, Feel cheerful to see you in my blog and it's my pleasure to disclosing my experience for International women's day and for #shecoded.

I'm sure after reading the blog, You will get to know how much burden the word "burden" is.

A twist that breaks my patience

I stand by 4 years, For get an opportunity to participate in the Smart India hackathon. Smart India hackathon is a world's biggest innovation model and can participate in academic periods only. My final proposal also get rejected in my final year of engineering. Hope you may sense how I downhearted.

In the COVID 19 pandemic, SIH2020 was conducted in online mode. Some team members started to way out from their selected team due to some personal Cause and enough members not there. Oh my goodness, At the moment I got a chance to join the team in spite of left person. Hey, You didn't expect that twist right. Even I am also having the same feel😍.

Did you know🧐🧐??

I have not joined the team as solitarily. I joined as duplet👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻. She is also exactly like me. she is not my friend, not my junior, not my senior. Haha, you seems like,

Image description

Uh, She is my twin sister and I am twins. I am developer and she is a designer. So, changing the term "I" to "we"😉.

Around 16 - 18 days to the end

While we joining the team, There is around 16 - 20 days only left for grand final. There is nothing in our hand except problem statement and proposal. We take 1 - 2 days for understanding the problem statement. Unfortunately, Necessary to upgrade our skills to more advanced because of project complexity. Our mentor have not in good health condition and situation be like no one there.

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Things getting more and more complex. If we delayed for an hour which really makes the best way to risk. You may feel how it make nervousness. Finally, we made a decision.

A merciless decision

Yes, We made a merciless decision because need to upgrade our skills within 7 days and Now you know why I use the word "merciless" because after 7 days, we take 1hour rest per day till grand final.

In simple words, The sleepless coding.

Yaa I get your thought that how it's possible?? If anyone of us getting health serious cause of sleepless. Another one take their responsibility also. Many nights, I write coding with shed tears behind there is a single reason "If I also take rest which means I take my team to knock the door of failure".

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A bottle of lemon juice🍋

The new burden started we can't take our food even we are in hungry because stomach starts to reject the foods due to sleepless. If we take a small fruit, which make heavy vomiting sensation and can't breathe normally. If we start taking foods, which stop our coding. Can you imagine how painful it is. The days turns be like Burden made burden.

Every day, we take a bottle of lemon juice only. There are so much of physical burden started.

Climbed the grand final

At the end of the burdens, We done with our projects. We step into the grand final with full of hope. It was a three days of Grand final.

Did you guess what the panel members told?? They said "we can see from your project how much of hard work you did". The three days spent with reviews and changes.

Didn't expect final pain

In 3rd day of morning session, Panel member said that " There is no more alteration or no need of feature" which really going good. Before final session of final day, need to submit our project. During process, accidentally some part of the project get deleted. Can you imagine how the heart beat getting start to beat.

There is few minutes for code submission. At the same moment, The final evaluation will start soon. I need to demo the whole project, If it start to break the flow of project. Can't even imagine the result. At that moment, We really understand the word of "depression".
Image description

I said my team, Again retrieve the code from backup and try to submit it without loosing your hope. I started to fix the breaks how much I can. There is only 10min for final evaluation. After 5min, I left out the room for disclosing my emotion loudly. But I stopped myself before disclosing my emotion. I said myself " don't getting nervous, Relax Preethi relax relax relax relax Preethi. You can, you can, you can, you can."

Before entering the meeting, That 16 - 20 days efforts and pain getting rewind. If I getting emotion which made a stone and forced to break my success glass. Consequently, I presented my project with full of hope.

Tear with smile

All of our efforts are done. The day we are awaited for, They announced our team as winner and we also titled as "Smart India Hackathon 2020 Title Winner". While I hearing the word "winner", I forgot my head pain, hungry and my physical burden and tears with smile".

Image description

We did it. Yes, We did it😌

Treasure made with our pain.

Image description

After reading this blog. If You feel how much burden the word "burden" is. Give your heart💖 and write your comment💌 from your heart. Feel really proud to disclosing my experience for #shecoded.


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sivaganesh01 profile image
Shiva Ji • Edited

I think you both are not only a good coders and designers but also a good writers and story tellers too ( may be you both blessed with this skills ). First of all really like the way of you narrate your journey with the pains and burdens you face.

I just want to say one thing - YOU'RE DESERVED IT.

Perseverance is a cosmic success. Once the river cross the dam no one can stop the river from overflowing into the sea. Like that once we cross the pain, burden like the things no one can stop our victory.

By the grace of god and yours hardwork you'll cheer up with more victories. Best wishes for your all upcoming victories... #twinengineers

preethi_dev profile image

While reading your words makes me feel delighted. Thanks for your words :)

atulcodex profile image
🚩 Atul Prajapati 🇮🇳

Oh wow you are a Hackathon winner,

preethi_dev profile image

yes, atul☺️