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HackoweenğŸŽƒ- My first Hacktoberfest✨

Hello readers! I hope you all are doing good. I'm Preyash, a Computer Science enthusiast, I love programming and web development. Opensource is like the backbone of the dev community. We all help each other fixing and resolving each other's issues. I wasn't very much aware about opensource and I had no clue about Hacktoberfest. But this year one of my friends (he is @pranavviswanathan ), he asked me to take part in Hacktoberfest 2021. And while applying for it we thought that let's apply not only as a participant but also as an Event Organizer, we had plans to organize an event to make people aware about opensource and how they can contribute in it. We conducted our event named "HackoweenğŸŽƒ", it was a guest lecture and we called our professor Dr Jananki Meena ma'am from VIT Chennai, she explained everything so well. We got amazing reponses from our attendees.

You can checkout our website and recording of the session here:

For this hacktoberfest we also published a repository where people contributed, by the end of Hacktoberfest we managed to get 221 forks and 35 stars, these numbers are not very huge, but for us it was an achievement and we are really proud of it. We managed to do everything from creating website for this event to making certificates for participants, gaining crowd everything in 4-5 days. This Hacktoberfest was the first one for me and really a special one and most importantly I learned a lot. Thanks to my teammates Pranav and Nihal, it was so fun working with you both.

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Pranav Viswanathan • Edited

It was amazing working with you!✨✨✨