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Quick Share : Web Framework Benchmarks

priteshusadadiya profile image Pritesh Usadadiya twitter logo github logo ・1 min read  

I stumbled upon a very interesting study of measuring the performance of various frameworks.

Amount of data gathered on various frameworks running with different configurations is astonishing.


I understand some but most of things are going around my head 😌 ⛟. It would be very useful to me and the community if anyone 😇 can shed more light into this..

Cheers 🙏

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Hi Pritesh, can you explain which parts you don't understand? This way it's easier to help.

The website is a collection of open source benchmarks, that people contribute to. They test both on the cloud (Amazon EC2) and on physical hardware.

It's a very elaborate pipeline that runs those tests and then publishes the results.


Hi @rhymes , thanks for the comment and github link :) . i was able to find detailed TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks (TFB) Documentation. i will go through it, and once done,will ask if i get stuck.


The only light I would shed is people get way too obsessed with this kind of thing.

It is very rare for the performance bottleneck of a server to be down to a framework; 99% of the time they're all fast enough.

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