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Pranjal Verma
Pranjal Verma

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Starting My Blogging Journey.......

Hello my gorgeous friend. For past 1 week I was thing for making blog I read, from where should I start? Is it the right time to start? blah, blah, blah.
Their where my question regarding this. So I decided I will be posting my blog to this community, and in sometimes If I feel the same way I'm feeling now, then I will be making my blog site with full dedication.

Literally, I have not comeup with that what type blog I have to make. Only the thing I know at the present is I have to make.

So, please support me by sharing my blog only if you like then or add a bit of values to your programming life.

Atlast, give me some ideas/topic on which you want blogs.

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Sibusiso Dlamini

Good luck!

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Pranjal Verma

Thanks Man