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Awesome Tools and Technologies I Use as a Developer!

pybash profile image PyBash Updated on ・3 min read

Hey, There!👋

Welcome, back to another post of Top N! It's a series where I post Top 10, Best 5, etc. kind of things! And, well, today's post is about a few awesome tools I actually use as a developer!

Common Tools(Irrespective of Language)

  1. ShareX - For screenshots, screen recs., etc. Software. Open Source. Cross-platform.
  2. Photopea - For a photoshop experience online. Website. Free with Ads.
  3. SQLite Viewer - Online .db, .sqlite3, etc. File Viewer. Open Source. Website.
  4. DB Browser for SQLite - Software for viewing .db, .sqlite3, etc. files. Software.
  5. DevDocs - To view documentation for any programming language, technology, framework, etc. online. Website. Can be Installed as an app.
  6. - For generating badges for GitHub. Open Source. Website.

Language Specific


  1. Kite Copilot - For Viewing Documentation while you code. Software.
  2. Anaconda - As Implementation. Software.
  3. Unofficial Python Binaries - For installing packages that are failing through pip. Website.
  4. PyQt5 - For GUI development. Library.
  5. [Flask]h(ttps:// - For Easy and Simple back-ends. Library. Has Plugin Support.
  6. Flask-SQLAlchemy - For Database Management in Flask. Library.
  7. Django - For complex back-ends. With more functionality. Library.
  8. Requests - For dealing with web requests and responses. Library.
  9. Sphinx - For Generating Documentation. Library.

HTML, CSS, JS - Static or Front-end

  1. Bootstrap - To quickly boot up a simple front-end. UI Framework. Open Source.
  2. - For quick CSS animations. Website.
  3. UnDraw - For SVGs at hand. Website. Free.
  4. Material IO - For quick and simple icons. Free.
  5. FontFlipper - To quickly get a set of custom Fonts. Website. Free.
  6. Unsplash - For High-Quality Stock Photo API. Website. Free.
  7. Pexels - For downloading High-Quality Stock Photos. Website. Free.
  8. JSFiddle - Client-Side Code Sandbox. Website. Free.
  9. Netlify - For Deploying Static Websites. Website. Free and Paid.


  1. NodeJS - For JavaScript Back-Ends. Uses Chrome's V8 Engine. Free.
  2. Express(JS) - For easy routing and server management. Package.
  3. Heroku - For Deploying Back-ends. PaaS.
  4. Ruby on Rails - For server-side programming with Ruby. Web-application Framework.
  5. MongoDB - For Database management in JavaScript and Node.

Browser Extensions

  1. ColorZilla - For Instant Color Picker from the screen.
  2. Wappalyzer - For Seeing the tech stack of a website.
  3. Open in VS Code - For opening GitHub files directly inside VS Code.
  4. CSSViewer - For viewing and inspecting CSS on a page.
  5. Grammarly - For writing better GitHub comments and Dev. Blogs.
  6. Momentum - For a Better New Tab experience.
  7. FireShot - For Taking Screenshots.

That's The End!

Well, I talked about a lot of tools, today! And I use these. If you want I could publish a slightly more detailed post on Unofficial Python Binaries. Comment below! But anyway, good byeeeeeeee for today!

Discussion (9)

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Aditya Gupta - There's a typo here,check the link too

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PyBash Author

Thanks, fixed it!

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Fajar Kurniawan

Can't wait for the next post of unofficial python binaries.

pybash profile image
PyBash Author • Edited

Check back soon..

Unofficial Python Binaries - What is it? now available on my blog and here

Direct link -

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PyBash Author

Thanks for the addition!

shubhamnagure profile image
Shubham Nagure

detailed post on Unofficial Python Binaries , Please !

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PyBash Author • Edited

working on it.

Unofficial Python Binaries - What is it? now available on my blog and here

Direct link -

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