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PyLadies Dublin Remote Workshop with Jina AI: Image search with DocArray

Thanks for your interest in this month's meetup with Jina AI.

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❤️ Huge thanks to Jyoti Bisht for the workshop and her colleague Sofia for reaching out to us for this collaboration with Jina AI.

🙌 Thanks again to Mick for helping with moderation (and my backup if things go wrong, it has happened before. 😅).

🍿 Video is also available at:
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ℹ️ Here's the links if you want to do the workshop:

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Feedback form about workshop to Jina:

📢 And our announcements from the event can be found here:

Next PyLadies Dublin

🗓 When: Tuesday, July 19, 2022 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

We will have 3 talks:-

  • How encourage teenage girl to programming by Samira
  • How to start career in python by Aatiya
  • Supply Chain Security in OSS by Ciara


PyLadies Lunch at EuroPython banner

👉 Finally... I'll be at EuroPython, and will also be hosting PyLadies Lunch for anyone who will be attending (or a good excuse to attend), it's a great chance to meet PyLadies organisers and members from all over Europe.

Hope to see you there at EuroPython, if not, we will see you at our next PyLadies Dublin the following Tuesday! 🥰

If you are interested in speaking (send in your talk details), or you want to hear about a certain topic, let us know:

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