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PyLadies Dublin July Meetup

I think I forgot to send a post-event message to folks from July's meetup!


It was a whirlwind of a month, I had just come off the massive and amazing EuroPython the week before, so I might have been a wee bit frazzled.

So apologies for forgetting to thank everyone who spoke, joined, helped on the night. Ye were all so wonderful, thank you so much! 💖

ℹī¸ Event details

🕰 Running order

  • Welcome and announcements
  • How encourage teenage girl to programming by Samira
  • Supply Chain Security in OSS by Ciara

Note: Apologies from Aatiya who could not join us, we hope she can give her talk at one of our future meetups.

Talk Details

🎤 How encourage teenage girl to programming

(15m) Lately, I am teaching Python programming to a thirteen-year-old girl. She didn't know pretty much about mathematics, even matrix. However, she chose game programming for her career and her first game is finished. I want to talk about my experience and challenges to teach a teenager. Also, Shahgol (the teenager) will talk about the challenge she had faced.

About Samira Korani

I am Samira, I have been working as a python developer since 2011. Last year, I have decided to get back to academia, right now I am a computer science Ph.D. student at Galway university.

🎤 Supply Chain Security in OSS

(15 mins) A vulnerability in Log4J, a popular open source software project, exposed critical digital infrastructure to remote code execution attacks. This prompted the US Government to engage big tech, infosec professionals, and open source organizations to come together to help secure open source software.
What's a software supply chain and how can it be attacked. Why is OSS being targeted and what are the methods to protect it?
I wrote a blog on this:

About Ciara Carey

I recently started working in Developer Relations but prior to that I was a Developer for over 10 years. I worked on web services, back end systems and UIs in security products, printing products and computer vision applications.

A few final words

🌈 I would like to thank our community partners (alphabetical order):

If you want to give a talk, slots still free for October 18th and November 15th, both are Tuesday evenings from 18:30 and are remote events.
Submit your talk details to

send email
Any questions, drop us an email at

Thanks again!

/// Vicky

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