🧐 Which Terminal Emulator are you using?

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📌 Introduction

First of all, I hope your day was good.
This post is made for everyone who is using a Terminal Emulator and want to share his experience with it. Feel free to comment down below!

🔎 The question

Since I’m working on my own Terminal Emulator, I was wondering, which one are you using on your daily routine?

There are plenty of alternatives, from iTerm to Hyper and Cmder. So why do you use your Terminal Emulator and not another one? Does it have every features that you needs? Does you can’t find a good one that fit your expectations?

Do not hesitate to debate and share you experience, I’m very interested to know your preferences.


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We user iTerm / but we don't know why. Probably for 2 or 3 little thing that we aren't aware of. Typing? Autocomplete? arrow-up to recall things? What else is there.

If there was a command-line-like thing that didn't look ugly - and we could easily set the prompt to look cool... and were able to really easily create basic bash shortcuts like perpetual (move to the project folder and do x and y) - then we'd use it - and have our students use it.


What is your goal with Squid? We can't tell so far


I have planned to add more pieces of information about the « why » and « how » in the README. Make sure to watch the project if you’re interested.

By the way, thanks for sharing your experience, it’s very useful!


I use kitty. At first it was an experiment, because it's suppose to be very fast, but it turns out that in terms of speed I can't tell the difference between kitty and a regular terminal. I keep using it because I already have a config file with a theme that I like and it's on debian's official repository.


I prefer not to install too many "unnecessary" tools, so I use the standard terminal on my Mac and Windows Terminal on Windows (duh).
Actually starting to like developing on Windows for once. Microsoft really stepped up their game with the new Windows Terminal!


I use Termite because of two reasons, firstly due to the key binding and secondly because it works best with tiling window managers is BSPWM.


@sunitdeshpande , could you expand the it works best part? What do you exactly mean?


I have tried using urxvt, terminator, suckless terminal and termite with a tiling window manager. And I felt that termite was the one which has a faster response time, supports True Color and easier to configure. Also, its keyboard-centric design and vim like keybindings felt more natural when working with a tiling window manager.

Understood, thank you for the clarification.


Thanks for sharing your reasons that make you choose Termite!


I recently switched back to Linux but when I was using Windows I really liked github.com/felixse/FluentTerminal it looks modern and it have a settings out of the box that in other terminals I would need to tweak. It feels that It was made for me :p


Currently, I use Xfce Terminal. But on Mac, I do download and use ITerm2.

Actually, Mac's default term is not that bad, with some customizations.

I rarely use Windows nowadays, so not even cmd or Git bash. However, I generally like VSCode's the most. Perhaps I will try Commander, if I had to use Windows.









yes i use two terminals. torchie is an overlay like discord, and iterm2 i run fullscreen with 15% opacity with a youtube movie in background


On Windows, I use Windows Terminal. Microsoft has really created an attractive and feature-filled emulator, and I really enjoy using it. When I use Ubuntu, I use the default Gnome Terminal which, though not super powerful, is flexible enough for my daily needs.


I'm excited for your terminal emulator! I occasionally tap into eDEX-UI.


I just use XFCE Terminal - it works for me and I haven't had the time to check out other emulators.


Tilix works best for me.


I use iterm2 on my mac, windows terminal on windows and tilix on linux systems


That’s complicated!


Iterm on MacOS, Tilix on linux