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Parth Agarwal
Parth Agarwal

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Intro to Emoji URLs

I was looking for catchy domain names, And I came across emoji domains like 📙.ws or i❤️.ws

Well, I knew what my task of day is going to be. Below is the report of my 3 hour investigation into Emoji Domains.

How are they possible?

To create standardization in Internet hostnames every domain name is encoded into punycode, a LDH (letters, digits, and hyphens) subset of ASCII, by browsers before URL encoding it. pseudo code for the flow can written as:

final_url = url.encode(
    punycode.encode( + '/rest of the path'
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Now, by only using LDH, other ASCII char are converted into xn-- form, some examples are:

  • ü -> xn--tda
  • 人 -> xn--gmq
  • 😀 -> xn--e28h

links: |

Why are they so rare?

With the restriction of LDH many hosting services also add the rule that - must be surrounded by characters to decrease changes of scamming or exploits therefore making -- illegal.

Click Here to know more.

Loop-Hole: According to wikipedia, As of April 2021, there are eleven top-level domains for which registration is possible: .uz, .cf, .ga, .gq, .ml, .tk, .st, .fm, .to, .kz and .ws

Lets get one!

I noticed .tk, and I remembered long ago they were giving redirector domain names for free that too without signup. I checked back, sadly that was not the case anymore, Although the fees was not that much, But I am not willing to pay for a detour in my evening.

Okay if we can't have domain name, lets get a subdomain,
I already have a InfinityFree account, So lets try there, but it looked at -- and said no latin letters, So, I looked around and found some websites but I had to input my card info, so I backed out.

Finally, ProFreeHost was my saviour, I quickly setup an account, found how to redirect the url, only thing left was to think of a domain name, After ton of soul searching, there it was on my youtube feed, Lightyear | Teaser Trailer. So I went to infinity and beyond and created my website:

Update :: Emoji sub-domain for 1st tier TLD (.com / .org)

After a while, I finally bought a domain for
my portfolio(s):

DNS (Domain Name System) is like phonebook of the Internet. buying a domain meaning getting permission to add records in it. These Records point to an address on internet, There are different types of records, for doing different stuff at different addresses, like A Record is IP address for deployment, MX Record is for mailserver

We are interested in CNAME record which used to create a alias subdomains, So I added punycode.encode(2️⃣♾️➕🚀) to my DNS Records and pointed to my github pages:
Image description

And I went to GitHub Repo > Setting > Pages and added a custom domain there:
Image description

Finally, I have https://2️⃣♾️➕🚀 deployed!!

Its a Space Invader Clone, with good graphics and sounds. Aliens making an infinity formation, destroy them and go beyond infinity or meet the maker (i.e. me😜)
Image description

Hope you guys, Enjoy and Game! Let me know, If anything seems unclear. also if you have fun Emoji Website Ideas, comment below and share with us as well.

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Parth Agarwal • Edited

Check Out the Newly Added Section!!!

  • (Emoji sub-domain for 1st tier TLD eg: .com, .org)
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Rachit Khurana

nice, this is very interesting.
I also got a emoji domain dilute💧.ml from freenom for free.

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Parth Agarwal • Edited

great! domain matches your web name as well, that awesome!

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Rachit Khurana

Ya, thanks

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