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How to learn Git from scratch

How does Git differ from other version control systems?

Hi there!

Storing information

CVS, Subversion, Perforce, and other centralized platforms store information as a changelog for files. In contrast, Git considers data to be a set of casts of a small file system.

The principle of data storage in Git

The principle of storing data in other systems

Among other features:

  • unlike centralized systems, Git uses only local files and resources for most operations, which makes it possible to work without network access;
  • before saving the file, Git calculates the checksum using the SHA-1 hash, and it becomes its index.

How to use it?

Firstly, you need to install Git, then configure it. Specify:

  • user name: $ git config --global "ra1nbow";
  • email address: $ git config --global;
  • a text editor to work with. For example, if the standard editor does not suit you and you chose Emacs: $ git config --global core.editor emacs;
  • built-in comparison utility. For example, if you want to use vimdiff $ git config --global merge.tool vimdiff. Then check the settings: git config --list.

How to work with code?

Use the services for project hosting and collaborative development. They usually have access control, bug tracking, task management, a wiki for each project, and a developed community where you can ask for advice.

Among the most popular platforms:

What to learn next?

  • Working with repositories: creating, recording changes, viewing commit history, undoing changes, working with remote repositories and tags.
  • Branching and merging.
  • Git on the server: configuration, working with protocols, generating a public SSH key, GitWeb, Gitosis, Gitolite, Git daemon, Git hosting.
  • Git tools.

Where to learn?

A little interactive:

  • site with search for any shell commands, including Git commands.

I learned everything, what's next?

When you have mastered the basic operations:

Hope you enjoyed my post! Follow my Github <3

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Bobby Iliev

Make sure also to check out this open-source eBook. It has everything that you need to get started and is not too overwhelming for beginners:

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