What would an IDE for writing content look like?

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The Problem

I use VS Code as my IDE. I also use it for writing blog posts in Markdown. But writing is different than coding. While I still like the features offered by my IDE, it's not made for writing. I'll notice typos that aren't caught until after I publish.

While I've found some workarounds, I started wondering - what would an IDE made just for writing content look like?


Share your thoughts, writing hacks, and workarounds!


markdown guide

I write in Notion and then export as markdown. Keeps all my posts in one place and then I can add them to places like Dev if I want too.
exporting as markdown in Notion


I use Typora for just writing. You write in markdown and it transpires it on the fly so you see the final result
It has some great features


I think that's what Scrivener is, although it might be overkill for your use case.

I write blog posts in Neovim, and that's always had spell checking available. I also use vim-ale with it, and that supports a number of linters for checking text in Markdown, such as alex and write-good.


Actually I'm not using a IDE instead it's Grammarly that i use for my articles


If you use markdown, try using code spell checker extension ๐Ÿ™‚


Well , i would think, then it shouldn't be an IDE in the first place. But a text editor that supports the needed formats. I think it should be really minimal and support the needed tools for writing