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I "Game-ified" My To-Do List to Help with my Work-Life Balance

I hope this blog post finds you well, the world is going through some crazy times and I'm looking forward to us coming out stronger after it's all over. I'm sure many of you are working from home, possibly for the first time ever, for an undetermined amount of time and it can be a struggle learning how to find a quality work-life balance when your work and life may consist of the same studio apartment, bedroom, or home office and computer.

One trick I've found that's helped me know when to "turn off" work mode is making a small tweak to my To-Do List. Typically my first column is "Today", the second is "This Week", and later columns are things like backlog, done, etc. That first column, although clear in intentions, just wasn't doing the trick for working from home - I would keep adding things as they came up and my stack of things to do "Today" just kept growing and growing.

And so the "Today's Win Condition" column was born!

Everyday, first thing in the morning, I spend a few minutes gathering my thoughts and deciding what needs to be done for the day. This includes work tasks as well as any other things I need to complete before my day is done (for instance, laundry or my workout). Once I've checked off each and every one of those things, my day is done! Within reason obviously, it needs to be more than a two hour day. This leaves me feeling great for having achieved a major goal for the day, broken up into several mini-goals, and at the end of the day I can tell myself "Yes! I won!" and move onto fun hobby-type things.

I'm sure this idea won't work for everyone, but I thought it'd be a great and fun way to break up the monotony of routine a bit and help anyone who's struggling with knowing when and how to break out of work mode at the end of their day!

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