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New Web Developer Skills You Probably Don’t Have

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Video Notes

You know about a lot of the skills you’re going to need to be a web developer. You’ll want to know how to write HTML and CSS, declare variables, write functions, use object-oriented programming, and so on. In this video, I’m focusing on skills you may not have – skills bootcamps and university programs don’t often teach and that you wouldn’t be likely to seek out on your own if you’re self-taught.

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The best way to put your skills to a practical test and get started in web development (unless you have a way to conjure up 3 years of experience out of thin air) is to try freelancing. I have a short email course that will help you start your freelance web development business!

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I think soft skills especially in writing clearly is important. As we are required to convey our technical understanding in asynchronous manner and discussion with non-technical people.


Definitely. Communication, written or otherwise, is very important. Even your communication inside your code is critical – writing readable code instead of clever code, thoughtful variable naming, comments sparingly but where needed, etc.