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Devon Campbell
Devon Campbell

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Your habits make your future (so read Atomic Habits)

I'll explain why you should read Atomic Habits in this video.

You don’t change careers by doing one amazing thing a single time (like running into Mark Zuckerberg in an elevator and convincing him to hire you). It happens by doing many small things over and over (like writing some code every day of the week). Atomic Habits is about how to keep the good small things going (and how to stop the bad ones).

If you want to learn more about the Polgar sisters I mentioned in the video, The Guardian has a great article on them and their mastery of chess. ♟

Buy your own copy of Atomic Habits.

Getting your habits straight is key, but it was also important for me to understand why I was doing what I was doing. That tied everything together and kept me going when my brain was telling me, “Stop! This is too hard!” My free Big Goal email course will help you find your “why.”

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Sudeepto Dutta

@Devon I got to know about this book from I believe Thomas Frank's youtube channel last year. Haven't been able to read it though.

It's next on my to-be-read list

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Devon Campbell

It's worth your time. I think you'll like it.

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Adrian Sandu

I read it last summer following a challenge in the book club session of a community I am part of. I liked it so much I ordered two extra copies to gift to my brother in law and another friend.