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Adding a README to your GitHub profile

Hello everyone, recently GitHub released a new feature that allows you to personalize your profile on the website in a very simple way, adding a README. You can see how mine looked below:

Alt Text

How to?

As I said before, it's quite simple, all you need to do is create a new repository with the same name as your username and add a file to it

Now you only need to add some content (text, images, GIFs, emojis, etc.) to this using the markdown syntax and commit the changes to the repo's main branch. Congratulations! This should be visible on your profile now :)
If you are not familiar with markdown syntax, check this guide:


Here are some examples of nice profiles that inspired me:

martins-rafael profile

M0nica profile

WaylonWalker profile

If you need more inspiration check this repository for more README profile examples.

I'm curious to see what your GitHub profile looks like, share the link to your profile below!

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Arturs Smirnovs

Here is a tool that could help you to get started with github readme :)
Add description / social media / badges and other stuff with just few clicks..

GitHub logo arturssmirnovs / github-profile-readme-generator

⭐⭐⭐ Github profile readme generator allows you to create nice and simple github profile readme files that will be included in your profile previews.

Github readme generator

Hi there 👋.

Check out this tool here.

Github readme generator

This project allows you to create nice and simple github profile readme files that will be included in your profile previews.

You can include multiple things: Headers, subtitles, skills, banner, additional information, social media links and statistics badges.



  • Go to:
  • Fill inputs
  • Copy code from textarea
  • Create repository with name that equals your github username
  • Add
  • Paste copied code and save
  • Enjoy


Github readme generator


Vue JS :)

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Rafael Domingues Author

This tool is amazing! Makes it a lot easier, thanks for sharing :)

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Thanks for sharing, I didn't know this special repository!
Here's mine:

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Thanks for sharing knowledge!