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Roadmap to Become a MERN Stack developer

MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and NodeJS. MERN stack is one of the powerful and demandable stacks in Javascript.

Follow the steps below to become a MERN developer:

  1. Learn HTML & CSS - HTML for markup and CSS for design.

  2. Then you have to learn JavaScript - Javascript for dynamic functionality in web applications. If you learn Javascript you can develop the front end and back end also.

  3. After learning Javascript you should learn DOM - It represents the page so that programs can change the document structure, style, and content. The DOM represents the document as nodes and objects. That way, programming languages can connect to the page.

  4. Start learning ReactJS: React is a front-end javascript library.
    Next step to learn Node JS with express framework.
    After learning the node you can start learning MongoDB

Congratulation ! you are now a MERN stack developer.

So, what after you have learned MERN stack development. Look you have learned only the basics now. You can start making some small projects. Then gradually start learning advance and make intermediate project also Portfolio website.

Next post I will share some tools that need to know as a developer.

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Abdullah Memon

MERN, MEAN and other stacks are popular cause they build a full stack app with JS only.

But can we make this development more efficient? there comes some drawbacks when building with these stacks like DRY and πŸ¦† typing.

What do you think of technologies like KMM kotlin or scalajs or things like that.. we would be able to build not just web apps but cross platform native apps with their interop

rafikadir profile image

Thanks for sharing this