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Raghavi Srinivasan
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How to run JS Code in VS Code

Hey all!Hope you all are doing well.

Usually we run the javascript code by linking it with HTML file and viewing output in browser.

In this blog post,let us see how to run Javascript code in Visual Studio Code.

  1. At first you need to install NodeJS in your Windows/Macbook. You can install it from here:


  • Create a new folder and open it in VS Code
  • Write the javascript code and name it with extension .js
  • After completing the code save the changes that you made

3.Open the terminal in VS Code.

Now , move to the current directory in which you are there using following command.


You have moved to the directory in which your JS code is present.

4.Type the following command in VS code terminal to view the output of your code.


Yes!!! That's it. By following the above steps you can view your output without the need of HTML file.

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oasirusleigon profile image
Domose Raphael

The node + filename method worked just fine for me. thanks a lot Raghavi Srinivasan

vytautassugintas profile image
Vytautas Sugintas

FYI this won't work if you run js which uses browser specific APIs i.e.: window or document.

rishitkhandelwal profile image
Rishit Khandelwal

Use deno.