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My first step 👣 towards open-source

Hey all!! Hope you all are doing well.. This blog is all about my first open source contribution. It all started with HACKTOBERFEST 2020..I got to know about Hacktoberfest through LinkedIn.. Many people were posting about their open source contribution in Hacktoberfest.. I found it very interesting and wanted to give it a try. Hacktoberfest is a month long celebration 🎉 of contributing to open source which happens in the month of October.

Things to be done to complete Hacktoberfest:

👉 You need to make four valid Pull Requests in this October month.
👉 Git and Github:
First and foremost you need to know git and github.
Ps😉: Even I don't know.. I learnt about git and contributed.

👉 Registration for Hacktoberfest:

You need to register in Hacktoberfest's website to participate.

👉 Get onto work 👀:

We can start contributing to any repository labelled "Hacktoberfest".

Checkout my github profile☺:

That's it about my first open source contribution.. Thanks for reading😇

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Nice, I'd the same thing. Let's collab,

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Raghavi Srinivasan

Thank you

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Lakshya Thakur

Congratulations 🥳 . I also got to know about it on LinkedIn only. Was my first time as well. I wrote my experience in a gify fashion 😋.

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Raghavi Srinivasan

That's great👍