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6 steps to get problem solving skills

rahxuls profile image Rahul ・1 min read

(Short Post😉) Problem-solving is one of the characteristics of the highest values you can have as a developer. Following 6 steps will help you become a master problem-solver.

1. Focus

Focus on the solution, not the problem because you're effectively feeding 'negativity', which in turn activates negative emotions in the brain.

2. Define the problem

By repeatedly asking the question "why" on a problem. and that's how you can find the best solution.

3. Simplify things

Try simplifying your problem by generalizing it. Remove all the details and go back to the basics. Try looking for a really easy, obvious solution first.

4. Use active listening

The best problem solvers are great listeners. Problem-solving requires you to take in a variety of inputs and opinions and carefully analyze them.

5. Think laterally

Try to change your approach and look at things in a new way. 'You cannot dig a hole in a different place by digging it deeper'. Read it Again.

6. Take action

Implement your chosen solution in a planned and deliberate way, and then observe how it is working and decide if further action needs to be taken.

Are you a problem solver? Want to add something to the? Comment Below!

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marmondz profile image

great post but i think you forgot Stackoverflow 😁

rahxuls profile image
omril321 profile image
Omri Lavi

Thank you!
Regarding to #4 (Use active listening): explaining the problem out-loud, even when the listener isn't active (AKA rubber-ducking) can be very efficient.

rahxuls profile image
Rahul Author

Yea sometimes this also very helpful. I can remember some cases this helped me.

arman7878 profile image

Not bad.
I strongly disagree with "Focus on the solution, not the problem". If you wanna write in space, just take a pencil ;)