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Ng-News: Issue 22/13

This is a weekly posting, covering the latest updates from the Angular community.

Minor version releases and #ngGames


We had the monthly episode of #ngGames where Jeremy and Mark from the Angular team answered questions. The recording is available on YouTube.

Chrome 100

Google released Chrome version 100 with new features for the DevTools.

NgRx 13.1

NgRx, a state management library, had a minor version upgrade to 13.1. It added two minor features for @ngrx/data and the Redux DevTools.

NgRx 13.1 Release Notes

JHipster & ngx-formly

And we also had minor version upgrades for not-so-well-known libraries like JHipster and ngx-formly.

JHipster is a tool supporting full-stack development and includes Angular.

ngx-formly is a library for creating dynamic forms.

JavaScript decorators in stage 3

TC39, the committee responsible for the standardization of JavaScript, moved decorators to Stage 3. So we will be able to use them in JavaScript very soon.

Explanation of TC39's stages

In TypeScript, decorators have been available since the beginning of Angular. This is because TypeScript and Angular had an agreement that TypeScript provides decorators, and Angular will use TypeScript and not their self-written extension AtScript.

React 18

Important things happened outside of Angular. React 18 was released.

The main changes were in the inner workings of the rendering process.

In addition, React provides a streaming mechanism (called suspense) for Server-Side Rendering. So it doesn't render everything at once but can deliver larger components later and shows a fallback component instead.

Finally, one of the most awaited features, Server Components, are not part of the initial release.

Like Angular, backwards compatibility is essential for React as well. An upgrade shouldn't take too much time.

React 18 Release

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