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React or Angular or Vue.js or Others ??

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Hi all, I like to get an opinion from you guys for JS framework selection, so i created an Twitter polling to make more devs to give opinion/suggestion about javascript framework for Enterprise application and it will help to choose.

Polling link :

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I'd go with Vue, personally.

React is the more sought after one, but IMAO JSX is an abomination. Vue is pure JavaScript, which i find much more elegant. It's also the easiest to learn by far.

I don't have enough experience with angular, but I'd probably still try that second, before react lol.

If you do go with Vue, you can add the composition API to your project, and make it ready for Vue 3... It's designed with enterprise apps in mind.


Vue isn't pure JavaScript, but also templating language.

Angular also has templating language.

But React, and also JSX is pure JavaScript, and is very compatible with TypeScript. Also, if you don't want JSX, you can use lit-html which is just tagged-template-literals. That is also why CSS-in-JS makes sense. (Yeah, I know there was a discussion.)

I used to hate JSX too, but I changed my mind.

I do find React too heavy weight though. Might try Preact or webcomponents.


Ok, let me rephrase that.

JSX takes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, throws it into a blender, and gives you a horrible goop.

Vue.js has a nice separation of concerns, with Styling (CSS, SASS, Stylus), HTML, and pure JavaScript being separate.

You can like JSX; I am not a believer that everyone should do things my way, but I do have my personal preferences.


To be candid, Vue or Nuxt is fast for prototype.

But for production, I might eventually choose some Webcomponent based frameworks, or just plain React with TypeScript, or Angular.

If it ever leaves the prototype stage, though.


I haven't used angular at all.

Haven't used React either, but saw many React code, and it's ugly as hell with 0 logic, and makes no sense.

This week I have started learning and using Vue, and I'm already doing very good. Guess why: because it makes sense, there's logic in the code which makes it so easy to understand


Hi Patrick, just for my understanding to know, can u tell me what are the things you felt ugly in React.


I'll go with Svelte because the 3 parts (html / JS / CSS) are respected and it's very simple to begin with.


Personally I really like Vue. I find angular too heavy and I don’t like JSX.

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