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Top 10 time management tips for developers


While working on projects, about 80% of prrogrammer fails in managing their time. This become so worst when you are freelancing. Many freelancers couldn't finish their projects before deadline becuase of poor time management practises.

In this article, we will go through all the tips which will helps you in managing your time in a best way.

1. Divide large projects into samall tasks

Instead of working on large projects, you should divide them into small tasks and complete them one by one. This productive tip helps you in tracking your progress and also helps in completing projects before deadline.

To make it more productive, you should work on important task first and less important task in the end.

2. Work on urgent projects first

A freelancing developer works on various projects but sometimes he / she forgot to work on urgent projects before the deadline. In order to solve this problem, you may use ABCD method which is very productive and time saving.

In this method, you should divide into four parts - A, B, C, D. Here is the list of tasks you will do in these parts.

  • A : Urgent and important tasks like freelancing projects.
  • B : Non urgent tasks like learning new skills
  • C : Non urgent tasks like Practising new learned skills
  • D : Non urgent and also non important tasks like using social media

You should start your day with working on projects listed in A to D.

3. Create a to do list

Great programmers always create a to do list before starting a day. These to do lists helps you in managing daily tasks and also helps in tracking progress through out the day. You may also use the previous ABCD method in it to increase producitvity

4. Set time limit for every task

For every task you should set a time limit. This helps you in completing the tasks before deadline. If you set a time limit, you will try to complete the task more soon as pposible and short time limits pressurise us to do so. Therefore, Setting a time limit force us to complete the work before the deadline.

Also note that the time limit should be short.

5. Track your progress

After all doing the previous stuff, you should track your progress in order to figure out what are the mistakes done by you. Try improve yourself and also find the various methods by which you can increase productivity and concentration to your work.

6. Take breaks after completing tasks

While working on projects, you should take regular breaks in order to overcome stress and pain. Preferly should take breaks after completing a task or after an hour. This will also sometimes act as motivation. Taking breaks refresh your mind.

7. Stay away from distractions

Staying away from distractions is very-very important as a developer. Many developer face this problem. Sometimes we face many distractions which reduces our productivity and waste our lot of time. So you should try your best to remove such distractions from dialy routine. These distractions may destroy your programming carrer.

8. Remove non-essential activities

Non-essential activities including using social media for wasting time and using netflix for watching movies should eliminated from your dialy routine. This activites are not essential and also act as a barrier in your carrier. You may use them only when you have free time and in a limit. Use social media when you find the way to earn money from it.

9. Reward yourself after completing tasks

Rewarding yourself is like motivating yourself sometimes motivation encourage us to do something great. So after completing a task you should reward yourself for motivation. Also note that rewarding sometimes make us over confident and make us materialistic. Therfore we careful of this.

10. Don't Multitask

Multitasking is not a great way to increase productivity. Multitasking reduces focus and over a task. You cannot work on different task at same time. Many developers mess eith their code while doing multitasking. This practise becomes very worst when you are freelancer. You cannot finish the projects with perfection and before deadline. Therefore avoid multitasking as much as possible.
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