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Working in pressure situation is bad at all?

Let’s Directly get into the plot.

Definitely, If we are following these things:

  • By thinking about pressure, instead of working.
  • Working without calm, and committing mistake upon mistake.
  • Working directly without any plan.
  • Won’t give any updates the client.

Not at all, if we follow these things:

  • Stay Calmed, Don’t be in so much hurry ( Leads to mistakes 😳 ).
  • Prepare the plan 💡 ( Do the estimation of tasks/subtask).
  • Divide tasks in subtasks.
  • Prioritize the things ( If there is so much work that needs to be done, we can push ahead the things that have less priority )
  • Start working based on priority ⭐ .
  • If we have some estimations we can give it to the client.
  • Put the proper update.
  • Don’t release before code review/testing ( We are human being Some time in the hurry some silly mistake takes a place. ).

Things that we should do:

  • Explain the complexity of tasks to the client. Check for dependency ( also If there is a chance that dependency can arrive later on ), and if there is any, ask the related person ASAP, or schedule a discussion after defined time ( This will prevent unavailability ).
  • Give the updates about work done, and remaining work, so they can be in sync.
  • There is nothing wrong to ask for extra time If some task is taking time :).
  • Be Empathetic.

Why we should work in pressure situation?

  • To improve productivity.
  • It will increase the confidence for the next tasks.
  • It gives the same feeling as we won the game 😎 ( Still I’m not a gamer 😛 )

That’s all from me but still, there are many things we can add here. Please reply in the comments below and let me know your thoughts on this, it will definitely increase my confidence to write on the next post soon. 😉

PS. This is my first non technical post 🙂

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Ben Halpern

This seems like a pretty good overview of the situation. Working with no pressure at all has the possibility of letting us get nothing done. Too much pressure and we crush ourselves.

Finding equilibrium here seems pretty important.

mdhesari profile image
Mohammad Fazel

That was awesome thank you