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The 35,000% improvement, scalability vs performance, and Outlook goes down for millions

Hi folks,

Welcome back to Performance Matters! Lately, at Raygun we have been having more conversations about product-led growth, so this week, I wanted to pose you a question - if you could add one feature to Raygun, what would you add and why? Looking forward to your response ๐Ÿš€

This week, learn how one dev improved system performance by 35,000%, how performance and scalability work together, and the Outlook crash that impacted millions (if not hundreds of millions)!


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How I scaled a software system's performance by 35,000%

Find out how this developer resolved a platform's scaling, stability, and performance issues through caching, jobification, queue separation, and more, all while processing over $20,000,000 per day.

Learn how they did it

App performance vs scalability

Gain valuable insight into the relationship between these two core pillars of software development.

Are they mutually exclusive?

What Linters can do for you

Linters aren't in the way, they're on your side. Find out how to start making them work for you.

Find out how


Outlook goes down for millions this week

Microsoft has been keeping fairly quiet about it, but some individuals have done some digging and think they've found the root cause.

Find out what happened


Detect CSP concerns with Raygun

We know that the protection of your software is critical, which is why weโ€™re excited to introduce new reporting for Content Security Policy (CSP) violations to Crash Reporting ๐Ÿ”Ž

Read the full update

Improvements to lazy-loading in Chrome

Addy Osmani runs us through the benefits of the improvements to lazy-loading.

Learn what they are

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