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Google Summer of Code πŸ†

realabbas profile image Ali Abbas ・Updated on ・4 min read

Anyone up for Google Summer of Code?

I am very much interested in GSOC nowadays, so I just went one step forward and created a GitHub repository of the most useful resources available for Google Summer of Code. It's a small initiative for developers and students, who would like to focus more on learning and understanding GSOC rather than spending their valuable time in searching the appropriate resources.

Check Github Repository here
Check Website here

Some Contents of the Repo are as follows.

Awesome GSOC Resources Awesome GSOC Resources

A comprehensive curated list of available GSOC Guides, Write-ups and Tutorials πŸ†

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Write Ups & Authors



Official Website

It would be great that if anyone has useful resources, they can contribute to make it more comprehensive and worth reading.

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shivam kumar singh

I am highlyyyy up for gsoc.
But i am a beginner to open source . Will i be able to crack it or understand anything ?

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Ali Abbas Author

Yes, ofcourse. Just go throw the write-ups and youtube videos. You will get a good view of how to crack GSoC. All the best man!

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binyamin profile image
realabbas profile image
Ali Abbas Author

Thanks, Added the link