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Should have a feature like Quora ?

Ali Abbas
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The community is growing everyday. I've been using this platform for almost one and a half year, and I guess only one feature is missing that is, the total views count shown on profile. Since Dev is an open source project present on Github it is possible to suggest a feature.

Like in Quora , Total Answer Views reflects on the user's profile and everyone can see.

What do you think about this feature dev family?


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Rishi Kumar Chawda • Edited

IMO, is the best because it doesn't show things like this, which are related solely to a user profile. So even people new to the community have an equal amount of opportunity as a person who has been there for quite a long time/has a lot of followers. Having things like this will move attention towards how successful the "profile" is, rather than the actual content. I understand that content will be good from good/active profiles, but it doesn't mean new or dormant profiles can't have it. Also, I think the community should be focused around content and not "profiles," which is what makes different from other platforms — just my 2 cents.

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Ali Abbas Author

Yes. It is one of the main reasons why is more favoured

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Ben Sinclair • Edited

Having used Quora for a decade, I can firmly agree that showcasing stats for users is a terrible way to engage users, whether that be followers, views, votes or whatever.

What ends up happening is that the community quickly splits into those who get "traction" early on, for example by:

  • luck
  • lightly gaming the system (e.g. targetting "top 10 ways to do X" clickbait at the most active timezones)
  • heavily gaming the system (e.g. following and quickly unfollowing popular users to boost your own stats)
  • actually writing good content
  • bringing a lot of followers from somewhere else they're already popular
  • luck, again

And you get a cast system where the people who are most popular end up being the people who get the most views. It's a positive feedback loop at the expense of new users.

Newbie arrives, sees no views on their content while locally-famous users get gazillions of comments and support; Newbie gets disheartened because they believe that the stats are a measure of their self-worth; Newbie leaves.

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Ali Abbas Author

Well this is why I love Feel free to share your knowledge irrespective of total views, stats etc.

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Not really. is a great platform already.

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Ali Abbas Author

Yes it is.

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Yes. Please