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The Word that Kills your Dreams🔥


Do you know the single most deadly word that is killing the dreams of achieving anything?


It gives excuses a valid reason without you even realizing it. It comes in a variety of phrases.

I can’t do it until ___

I can’t start until ___

I can't start a business until I learn to be more productive, master my emotions, enhance my leadership skills, etc.

I can't start building a list of potential customers until I fix my social media profiles, get my landing page with a great design, and get 5 blog posts published.

I can't share my idea until I am sure it will be a great success.

I need to wait until ______

And so, on….

It's almost impossible to put an end to the until excuse when you aren't sure of the outcome of the action not taken.

"Until" makes people stuck in a perpetual mode of waiting.

And here's the worst part.

When you are trying to avoid the real work, the work you want to do, you replace it with mindless activities.

You start reading many blog posts about entrepreneurship, startups, personal growth, and productivity.

You are buying biographies of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Buffet, Gates, and many others, reading them to know how they achieved their dreams.

You feel good about it because you are busy doing something productive. You are just keeping yourself fooled so that you don't regret you are avoiding the real work.

It's a smart trick you play on your mind.

But why are you waiting?

The most honest answer is fear. Fear of failure or fear of not knowing the outcome.

Because if you don't start, there's still hope. If you don't begin, you can't fail.

However, the opposite is true too.

If you don't start, nothing will change, and there's no real hope of anything to be better. If you don't begin, you're guaranteed to fail.

If you're sitting around waiting for the perfect moment to act, you are just robbing yourself of the chance to succeed.

This is a huge mistake. Don't let it ruin your future.

Now is the moment to change your life because starting now has lots of advantages.

You can achieve your goals sooner because the sooner you begin any journey, the sooner you reach your destination.

And Action leads to results. Action leads to inspiration. Inspiration leads to even more action. It multiplies and produces more results.

Take a deep breath and start today.

You'll never be 100% ready or comfortable, so you better begin right now and accept the challenge.😃

Written by Shradha Sharma-Inc42

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Scott Simontis

I needed to hear this today...thank you!

realabbas profile image
Ali Abbas

Welcome Mate

dvlpr profile image
Travis Werbelow

Good reminder! I've fallen into this trap many times.

realabbas profile image
Ali Abbas

Many of us, have fallen too....