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Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas

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What happens If Stackoverflow disappears🤔

"The Saviour of Developer Community"
The Legendary Stackoverflow disappears.

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Eugene Cheah • Edited

Is the question limited to stackoverflow?, or all their mirrors?

Stackoverflow biggest value is its archive of knowledge much more than the ability to ask new ones.

So if it disappears, all the various mirrors that has a copy of all the question and answers (which stack overflow publishes as a DB dump), will just fill the void.

From then on, new sites will take its place (like for questions to be asked.

If it includes mirrors - i will call it the work of magician or aliens!

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I honestly have not been on stackoverflow for the past year. How is the community like now?

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Ali Abbas

It's actually evolving day by day.
According to me, Stackoverflow is the savior of our community.