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Where is Node.js Inventor right now?

“The Mastermind, The Man with the Plan”

The creator of Node.js after introducing an impeccable contribution to the javascript world went to create another cutting-edge product after a lot of hard work. Nearly 10 years later, Dahl has deconstructed the mistakes still present in Node.js to relaunch a new platform written in Rust/Go that works with TypeScript & the Google V8 runtime engine in a secure sandbox environment.

From his first presentation

Ryan Dahl: Original Node.js Presentation (2009)

"...V8: Google
libev: event loop library
libeio: thread pool library
http-parser: a ragel HTTP parser
evcom: stream socket library on top of libev
udns: non-blocking DNS resolver..."
Learn more about the design of the original Node.js web server.

10 Things I Regret About Node.js - Ryan Dahl - JSConf EU (2018)

"Supports TypeScript out of the box.
Uses a recent version of V8.
No package.json.
No npm.
Not explicitly compatible with Node.
Imports reference source code URLs only.
File system and network access can be controlled in order to run sandboxed code.
Single executable."
So to sort out the problem, he has built Deno. Learn More About Deno: A secure TypeScript runtime built on V8.

Problems in Node.js: Web Security, Modules, Index.js, & the Build Process

In introducing Deno at the http://JSConf.EU event, Dahl stated the discovery that "server-side JavaScript required an event loop to succeed" was the biggest part of Node.js being adopted widely in IT practice. Dahl left the Node.js project in 2012 after the protocols for HTTP & SSL support had been established. At that time, Node.js had a small core, Windows Server support, and a stable system of APIs, as well as a growing ecosystem of external modules via NPM. Over the last 6 months, Dahl restarted coding on the platform with different goals.

In terms of regrets about the Node.js web server project, Dahl stated:

regret: no use of promises for async/await
regret: web security, write permissions, & file access
regret: the Build System (GYP/GN/Python)
--------> better would have been a Foreign Function Interface (FFI)
regret: JSON & NPM central repository dependencies
regret: node_modules too heavy & often required without the extension
regret: Index.js complicates the module loading system & overly "cute"
Overall, Dahl admitted that he still likes Node.js, the I/O structure, & programming on the platform, but built Deno runtime environment to address these regrets with a new product.
Ryan Dahl

Ryan Dahl in JSFest introducing Deno.
Ryan Dahl

The Only thing that I remember after seeing Ryan Dahl is


Cheers. Ryan Dahl. A true inspiration.

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2009 = node
2019 = deno
2029 = oden
2039 = done!

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Ali Abbas

Do you have any other information about Ryan Dahl?