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32 dev portfolio reviews in one video - a success!

Hello Dev Community,

Thank you for sharing your portfolios with me in today's YouTube livestream! What a blast! I hope you had a chance to check out your review and perhaps got some inspiration from the other portfolios as well.

All portfolios are now linked in the pinned comment.
Great job everyone! Looking forward to the next one.


P.S. I will post here on Dev when the next livestream is approaching so you can link your portfolio there.

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roelofjanelsinga profile image
Roelof Jan Elsinga • Edited

Thank you for your review! I really appreciate all the feedback you've given me and I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I've implemented your feedback. Again, thank you!

EDIT on January 7th:

I've implemented your feedback, here's what I did:

Some screenshots of the changes:

"About me paragraph"


"Contact form"

Again, thank you for your feedback!

farhanyaseen profile image

Thank you for the review. I really appreciate your feedback on my portfolio. I'll work on feedback soon.

scrabill profile image
Shannon Crabill

This was so much fun! I learned a lot, even when other portfolios were being reviewed.

anuraghazra profile image
Anurag Hazra

Awesome! Thank you for the wonderful feedbacks and suggestions.

sophiabrandt profile image
Sophia Brandt

Thank you very much for reviewing my portfolio. I appreciate the candid feedback. It was very helpful for me.