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Freelance Developer Horror Stories Start Here...

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If you've thought about freelancing, you've probably heard of the popular hire-a-freelance sites. They're easy to use, they have lots of traffic, and they seem like a great way to get started making that sweet cash.

But there's an underbelly to these sites, and it can destroy not only your career, but your drive to create as a web developer. We're talking about horror stories on Fiverr and Upwork on the RealToughCandy channel.

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I was a UpWork freelancer, to be true at begining it very hard, and I'm not very lucky, whatever it mean. Long story short: in first two weeks update profile and passing tests, next month I try so hard... And earn 100$ with finished 8 projects, literaly I'm not sleep. All projects done 100/100, but my repo not going anywhere. Next month was double dissapointing, I gave up, my parents shout everyday, and for next month I'm earn around 20 bucks. In half year my reputation become recalculated as 80% but basically I done 100%. Well, send money to Pioneer, upwork hold 20%, my bank hold 15%, in the end of year Payoneer took 30$. Well ROLF, it was not much money remain on hands and my rating dropping a lot. Just few monts ago I'm check UpWork rating is 100% (so looks like they decide to stop bullshit) and not need anymore tests. Well, nothing to say. Pretty difficult to find proper work with proper load and proper reward. But after UpWork I learn I can find customers from facebook and instagram and do projects what Im most prefer. Latest project is pizzapandabc.com.ua on VUE framework with Firebase integration.


This! These things need to be said!


Really we said. I myself have experienced being overwhelmed at places like upwork. Majority of them want the rating and won’t I’ve the freelancer an opportunity. That alone discouraged me