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Web developer salary My 1st web developer salary REVEALED with actual paycheck

Ever wonder what a real-world example of a web developer salary is?

Or how much junior developers might expect to make outside Silicon Valley and outside major cities like NYC, Chicago etc?

In this video you'll see it firsthand.

If you want to learn more about my salary negotiation strategy...I tell you everything and more (including how to put together a portfolio employers care about) in my book & video course How to Get a Job in Web Development.


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Orlando Brown

Absolutely respect your bravery to break the norm of such a taboo. One thing that people all don't see is the power of transparency.

This paradigm is purely to control, especially those who don't know or recognise their value.

I can absolutely guarantee that new junior hire next to you is making the close to the same or even more than you, and you will never know.

I wanted to say there is no benefit to NOT sharing your salary, but then whenever I have to speak to recruiters, I quickly remember why as there are those who will try to take advantage.

High Five to @realtoughcandy