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Krutik Raut
Krutik Raut

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Train PNR Status API

PNR Status API

So I made a PNR status API using data scrapped from

General Information

  1. Built in Node.js
  2. Express Framework for routes and API handling
  3. Cheerio for Data scraping
  4. Node fetch to get response from confirmtkt
  5. Hosted on


Live Mode :

End Point : api/{PNR}


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Pranav Yadav • Edited

Great ! πŸ˜€

  • are they(confirmtkt) providing public/paid apis, if no, then πŸ‘‡
  • are u sure that u can use scraped data from confirmtkt to create/provide api end point. Make sure you follow their "terms of use" and other policies. Don't get me wrong, just trying to help you.

Though, UI is awesome 🀩 Great workπŸ‘


  • You haven't made the PNR input "required" :) πŸ‘