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How will COVID change the App Industry?

Hey guys, just wanted to gather some of your thoughts on how this COVID will change the way the Apps Industry as we know it today.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

  1. #WFH is now a trending topic, >remote work has been around for decades on Freelancers or Software Devs, but it's now being imposed across multiple industries, leading the list = Education.

Apps like Slack, Workplace, Meets, Skype even Monday for the remote newbies. Google Classroom is now the geek friend everybody likes.

  1. Apple vs Google AppMarkets >If you are a new startup, and this is your first launch on iOS, then, sorry timing couldn't be worst for you.

Last week, an app review for Apple could vary from 24 to 48 hours in total.
Today, Apple has prioritized COVID Apps, and small startups are queued for +72 hours already.

While Google, has not stated a policy on COVID apps yet.
Their "report first, check later" policy offers app devs a faster way out for niche COVID apps (and updates).

  1. Next.js -like techs ... will it finally become a starting point for Startups and Lean Development?

  2. Advertising is supposed to decline, but is it really?

  3. Community Apps will rise, Discord will become mainstream word for Crowd Management.

Let me hear your thoughts on how the App Industry will be affected this 2020.

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Take Service Technologies, a Los Angeles–based online travel startup that went out of business abruptly on Monday. That followed the failure of a recent effort to raise a new round of capital, amid new restrictions companies have imposed on employee travel. In an interview, Michael Schneider, Service’s CEO, said he immediately began negotiating a deal with Enterprise Holdings for the car rental firm to acquire Service’s staff and perhaps some of its assets. But last Friday, Enterprise called him to say the deal was off because of the disruption to business travel.

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"Last week, Twilio migrated to a fully virtual operational model, and closed all offices globally. Twilio has long had a distributed workforce, so moving to fully virtual, with both the technology and the cultural norms, was completed last week. Our teams are up and running from home around the globe."
-Jeff Lawson
CEO & Co-Founder

Complete Message from Twilio:

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